YAML Class ID Reference (Unity Types HEX IDs)

A reference of common class ID numbers used by the YAML file format is given below, both in numerical order of class IDs and alphabetical order of class names. Note that some ranges of numbers are intentionally omitted from the sequence - these may represent classes that have been removed from the API or may be reserved for future use. Classes defined from scripts will always have class ID 114 (MonoBehaviour).

Classes Ordered by ID Number

ID Class
001 GameObject
002 Component
003 LevelGameManager
004 Transform
005 TimeManager
006 GlobalGameManager
008 Behaviour
009 GameManager
00B AudioManager
00C ParticleAnimator
00D InputManager
00F EllipsoidParticleEmitter
011 Pipeline
012 EditorExtension
013 Physics2DSettings
014 Camera
015 Material
017 MeshRenderer
019 Renderer
01A ParticleRenderer
01B Texture
01C Texture2D
01D SceneSettings
01E GraphicsSettings
021 MeshFilter
029 OcclusionPortal
02B Mesh
02D Skybox
02F QualitySettings
030 Shader
031 TextAsset
032 Rigidbody2D
033 Physics2DManager
035 Collider2D
036 Rigidbody
037 PhysicsManager
038 Collider
039 Joint
03A CircleCollider2D
03B HingeJoint
03C PolygonCollider2D
03D BoxCollider2D
03E PhysicsMaterial2D
040 MeshCollider
041 BoxCollider
042 SpriteCollider2D
044 EdgeCollider2D
048 ComputeShader
04A AnimationClip
04B ConstantForce
04C WorldParticleCollider
04E TagManager
051 AudioListener
052 AudioSource
053 AudioClip
054 RenderTexture
057 MeshParticleEmitter
058 ParticleEmitter
059 Cubemap
05A Avatar
05B AnimatorController
05C GUILayer
05D RuntimeAnimatorController
05E ScriptMapper
05F Animator
060 TrailRenderer
062 DelayedCallManager
066 TextMesh
068 RenderSettings
06C Light
06D CGProgram
06E BaseAnimationTrack
06F Animation
072 MonoBehaviour
073 MonoScript
074 MonoManager
075 Texture3D
076 NewAnimationTrack
077 Projector
078 LineRenderer
079 Flare
07A Halo
07B LensFlare
07C FlareLayer
07D HaloLayer
07E NavMeshAreas
07F HaloManager
080 Font
081 PlayerSettings
082 NamedObject
083 GUITexture
084 GUIText
085 GUIElement
086 PhysicMaterial
087 SphereCollider
088 CapsuleCollider
089 SkinnedMeshRenderer
08A FixedJoint
08C RaycastCollider
08D BuildSettings
08E AssetBundle
08F CharacterController
090 CharacterJoint
091 SpringJoint
092 WheelCollider
093 ResourceManager
094 NetworkView
095 NetworkManager
096 PreloadData
098 MovieTexture
099 ConfigurableJoint
09A TerrainCollider
09B MasterServerInterface
09C TerrainData
09D LightmapSettings
09E WebCamTexture
09F EditorSettings
0A0 InteractiveCloth
0A1 ClothRenderer
0A2 EditorUserSettings
0A3 SkinnedCloth
0A4 AudioReverbFilter
0A5 AudioHighPassFilter
0A6 AudioChorusFilter
0A7 AudioReverbZone
0A8 AudioEchoFilter
0A9 AudioLowPassFilter
0AA AudioDistortionFilter
0AB SparseTexture
0B4 AudioBehaviour
0B5 AudioFilter
0B6 WindZone
0B7 Cloth
0B8 SubstanceArchive
0B9 ProceduralMaterial
0BA ProceduralTexture
0BF OffMeshLink
0C0 OcclusionArea
0C1 Tree
0C2 NavMeshObsolete
0C3 NavMeshAgent
0C4 NavMeshSettings
0C5 LightProbesLegacy
0C6 ParticleSystem
0C7 ParticleSystemRenderer
0C8 ShaderVariantCollection
0CD LODGroup
0CE BlendTree
0CF Motion
0D0 NavMeshObstacle
0D2 TerrainInstance
0D4 SpriteRenderer
0D5 Sprite
0D6 CachedSpriteAtlas
0D7 ReflectionProbe
0D8 ReflectionProbes
0DA Terrain
0DC LightProbeGroup
0DD AnimatorOverrideController
0DE CanvasRenderer
0DF Canvas
0E0 RectTransform
0E1 CanvasGroup
0E2 BillboardAsset
0E3 BillboardRenderer
0E4 SpeedTreeWindAsset
0E5 AnchoredJoint2D
0E6 Joint2D
0E7 SpringJoint2D
0E8 DistanceJoint2D
0E9 HingeJoint2D
0EA SliderJoint2D
0EB WheelJoint2D
0EE NavMeshData
0F0 AudioMixer
0F1 AudioMixerController
0F3 AudioMixerGroupController
0F4 AudioMixerEffectController
0F5 AudioMixerSnapshotController
0F6 PhysicsUpdateBehaviour2D
0F7 ConstantForce2D
0F8 Effector2D
0F9 AreaEffector2D
0FA PointEffector2D
0FB PlatformEffector2D
0FC SurfaceEffector2D
102 LightProbes
10F SampleClip
110 AudioMixerSnapshot
111 AudioMixerGroup
122 AssetBundleManifest
3E9 Prefab
3EA EditorExtensionImpl
3EB AssetImporter
3EC AssetDatabase
3ED Mesh3DSImporter
3EE TextureImporter
3EF ShaderImporter
3F0 ComputeShaderImporter
3F3 AvatarMask
3FC AudioImporter
402 HierarchyState
403 GUIDSerializer
404 AssetMetaData
405 DefaultAsset
406 DefaultImporter
407 TextScriptImporter
408 SceneAsset
40A NativeFormatImporter
40B MonoImporter
40D AssetServerCache
40E LibraryAssetImporter
410 ModelImporter
411 FBXImporter
412 TrueTypeFontImporter
414 MovieImporter
415 EditorBuildSettings
416 DDSImporter
418 InspectorExpandedState
419 AnnotationManager
41A PluginImporter
41B EditorUserBuildSettings
41C PVRImporter
41D ASTCImporter
41E KTXImporter
44D AnimatorStateTransition
44E AnimatorState
451 HumanTemplate
453 AnimatorStateMachine
454 PreviewAssetType
455 AnimatorTransition
456 SpeedTreeImporter
457 AnimatorTransitionBase
458 SubstanceImporter
459 LightmapParameters
460 LightmapSnapshot

Classes Ordered Alphabetically

Class ID
ASTCImporter 41D
AnchoredJoint2D 0E5
Animation 06F
AnimationClip 04A
Animator 05F
AnimatorController 05B
AnimatorOverrideController 0DD
AnimatorState 44E
AnimatorStateMachine 453
AnimatorStateTransition 44D
AnimatorTransitionBase 457
AnimatorTransition 455
AnnotationManager 419
AreaEffector2D 0F9
AssetBundle 08E
AssetBundleManifest 122
AssetDatabase 3EC
AssetImporter 3EB
AssetMetaData 404
AssetServerCache 40D
AudioBehaviour 0B4
AudioChorusFilter 0A6
AudioClip 053
AudioDistortionFilter 0AA
AudioEchoFilter 0A8
AudioFilter 0B5
AudioHighPassFilter 0A5
AudioImporter 3FC
AudioListener 051
AudioLowPassFilter 0A9
AudioManager 00B
AudioMixer 0F0
AudioMixerController 0F1
AudioMixerEffectController 0F4
AudioMixerGroup 111
AudioMixerGroupController 0F3
AudioMixerSnapshot 110
AudioMixerSnapshotController 0F5
AudioReverbFilter 0A4
AudioReverbZone 0A7
AudioSource 052
Avatar 05A
AvatarMask 3F3
BaseAnimationTrack 06E
Behaviour 008
BillboardAsset 0E2
BillboardRenderer 0E3
BlendTree 0CE
BoxCollider 041
BoxCollider2D 03D
BuildSettings 08D
CachedSpriteAtlas 0D6
Camera 014
Canvas 0DF
CanvasGroup 0E1
CanvasRenderer 0DE
CapsuleCollider 088
CGProgram 06D
CharacterController 08F
CharacterJoint 090
CircleCollider2D 03A
Cloth 0B7
ClothRenderer 0A1
Collider 038
Collider2D 035
Component 002
ComputeShader 048
ComputeShaderImporter 3F0
ConfigurableJoint 099
ConstantForce 04B
ConstantForce2D 0F7
Cubemap 059
DDSImporter 416
DefaultAsset 405
DefaultImporter 406
DelayedCallManager 062
DistanceJoint2D 0E8
EdgeCollider2D 044
EditorBuildSettings 415
EditorExtension 012
EditorExtensionImpl 3EA
EditorSettings 09F
EditorUserBuildSettings 41B
EditorUserSettings 0A2
Effector2D 0F8
EllipsoidParticleEmitter 00F
FBXImporter 411
FixedJoint 08A
Flare 079
FlareLayer 07C
Font 080
GameManager 009
GameObject 001
GlobalGameManager 006
GraphicsSettings 01E
GUIDSerializer 403
GUIElement 085
GUILayer 05C
GUIText 084
GUITexture 083
Halo 07A
HaloLayer 07D
HaloManager 07F
HierarchyState 402
HingeJoint 03B
HingeJoint2D 0E9
HumanTemplate 451
InputManager 00D
InspectorExpandedState 418
InteractiveCloth 0A0
Joint 039
Joint2D 0E6
KTXImporter 41E
LensFlare 07B
LevelGameManager 003
LibraryAssetImporter 40E
Light 06C
LightmapParameters 459
LightmapSettings 09D
LightmapSnapshot 460
LightProbeGroup 0DC
LightProbes 102
LightProbesLegacy 0C5
LineRenderer 078
LODGroup 0CD
MasterServerInterface 09B
Material 015
Mesh 02B
Mesh3DSImporter 3ED
MeshCollider 040
MeshFilter 021
MeshParticleEmitter 057
MeshRenderer 017
ModelImporter 410
MonoBehaviour 072
MonoImporter 40B
MonoManager 074
MonoScript 073
Motion 0CF
MovieImporter 414
MovieTexture 098
NamedObject 082
NativeFormatImporter 40A
NavMeshAgent 0C3
NavMeshAreas 07E
NavMeshData 0EE
NavMeshObsolete 0C2
NavMeshObstacle 0D0
NavMeshSettings 0C4
NetworkManager 095
NetworkView 094
NewAnimationTrack 076
OcclusionArea 0C0
OcclusionPortal 029
OffMeshLink 0BF
ParticleAnimator 00C
ParticleEmitter 058
ParticleRenderer 01A
ParticleSystem 0C6
ParticleSystemRenderer 0C7
PhysicMaterial 086
Physics2DManager 033
Physics2DSettings 013
PhysicsManager 037
PhysicsMaterial2D 03E
PhysicsUpdateBehaviour2D 0F6
Pipeline 011
PlatformEffector2D 0FB
PlayerSettings 081
PluginImporter 41A
PointEffector2D 0FA
PolygonCollider2D 03C
Prefab 3E9
PreloadData 096
PreviewAssetType 454
ProceduralMaterial 0B9
ProceduralTexture 0BA
Projector 077
PVRImporter 41C
QualitySettings 02F
RaycastCollider 08C
RectTransform 0E0
ReflectionProbe 0D7
ReflectionProbes 0D8
Renderer 019
RenderSettings 068
RenderTexture 054
ResourceManager 093
Rigidbody 036
Rigidbody2D 032
RuntimeAnimatorController 05D
SampleClip 10F
SceneAsset 408
SceneSettings 01D
ScriptMapper 05E
Shader 030
ShaderImporter 3EF
ShaderVariantCollection 0C8
SkinnedCloth 0A3
SkinnedMeshRenderer 089
Skybox 02D
SliderJoint2D 0EA
SparseTexture 0AB
SphereCollider 087
SpringJoint 091
SpringJoint2D 0E7
Sprite 0D5
SpriteCollider2D 042
SpriteRenderer 0D4
SpeedTreeImporter 456
SpeedTreeWindAsset 0E4
SubstanceArchive 0B8
SubstanceImporter 458
SurfaceEffector2D 0FC
TagManager 04E
Terrain 0DA
TerrainCollider 09A
TerrainData 09C
TerrainInstance 0D2
TextAsset 031
TextMesh 066
TextScriptImporter 407
Texture 01B
Texture2D 01C
Texture3D 075
TextureImporter 3EE
TimeManager 005
TrailRenderer 060
Transform 004
Tree 0C1
TrueTypeFontImporter 412
WebCamTexture 09E
WheelCollider 092
WheelJoint2D 0EB
WindZone 0B6
WorldParticleCollider 04C
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